As a product manufacturer or inventor, you get lucrative royalties on every order, see your products have global reach and continue to profit from their growth

Welcome to Ecom Consulting

VisionImprove customers’ quality of life by building global brands to solve everyday problems.

MissionIntegrate problem-solving products to create and grow digital first brands.

We spent 20,240+ hours deep learning everything to do with e-commerce, which we then modeled into a proven and tested system. We mastered the algorithm to generate profits every single quarter using our methods for marketing, branding and logistics.

Our Business Model

Product Research & Testing

When it comes to analyzing e-commerce markets, there’s one thing that matters the most – it should be the right product/market fit.

Our research is fueled by the passion to identify trending but also problem-solving products while making sustainability a core part of our findings.

Strategized Marketing & Branding

We resonate with the phrase “Digital is Everything” and believe in the philosophy ‘reach millions in a fly’.

While digital marketing became a lifeline for businesses by offering the best reach and ROI, branding is still the strongest link with customers. Loyalty and trust are the fundamentals of our brand-building strategies.

Customer Service & Product Fulfilment

Last mile delivery & customer experience shouldn’t just be a department, they should be the entire company.

You may have the best product, website and ads but without the right fulfilment strategy and customer support, your business will be all splash and no cash.

Results from our DTC brands

Our Offering

Product Integration (DTC)

We believe that success in business cannot be a ‘hit or miss’, it has to be a hit out of the park. And it’s possible by following tested & proven processes.

We fully integrate the product into our framework and give it a complete facelift, from branding to logistics and customer satisfaction. We take up the full responsibility of taking the product to market and evolving it into a global brand.

Online Consulting

Ecom Catalystis your personal handbook to building and growing a profitable e-commerce business from scratch. We hand-hold you through each step, ensuring you learn the tools and have complete autonomy over your business.

We put together a series of online modules outlining our very own tested & proven processes that you can learn and apply to your business.

Private Consulting

Become an exclusive private consulting client by scheduling a FREE call with our team and get a personalized blueprint to launch and grow your e-commerce business.

We integrate your brand into our framework and together we embark on a journey of exponential growth, by leveraging our systems and team expertise.

What Differentiates Us?


We have proprietary criteria for product testing that we follow. These criteria have developed as a result of extensive tests that have been perfected over the years


We have been cashflow positive since day one as our systems and structures are set up to incur expenses after getting paid first.


Our framework was designed to operate on a just-in-time supply chain. This ensures that our overheads and burn rates are extremely low while the top line remains unaffected.


We are a concentrated team of high performers. Our belief in our team in exceptional. This has promptly helped us execute our vision.


For returns and replacements (due to quality issues), we offer free replacements to our customers without the original product having to be returned.

12.2 m

Revenue earned 

Products sold

3.9 m

Amount spent profitably on marketing

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