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How Felix Went From $0 – $6,000/Day While Still At High School

While still studying in high-school and managing his academics, Felix manages to make $6,000 in one day through his Ecommerce store only within 2 weeks of joining our program.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. Felix’s transition from an entrepreneur struggling to launch a Facebook Ad to a profitable entrepreneur.
  2. Why Felix chose to work with Ecom Consulting
  3. The ROI (Return On Investment) he got from his investment in Ecom Consulting.
  4. How Felix managed to grow his business while still studying in school…and much more!


How Trang Made $300,000 In Ecommerce While Working With Ecom Consulting

Before joining the Ecom Consulting program, Trang had her energy and money exhausted across multiple courses she bought which failed to bring the results she’d dreamt of. 

Upon joining, Trang was able to stay ahead of the game in terms of marketing her ecommerce stores through Facebook & Instagram, and gained confidence to quit her 9-5 job to focus on her business full-time. She generated just shy of $300,000 with her Ecommerce business.

I made 4x of what I invested in your program.

You guys truly make the impossible possible.

I never knew I was capable of running my own business successfully, let alone earning in 6-figures!


What I got here was real advice, real strategies, and ways to build a real, sustainable business.

None of the other noise, and I really appreciate that!

Thank you for getting me real results.



I honestly knew nothing about ecommerce or business until I got started.

Man, today I just made $10k in sales and you guys had a lot to do with this journey.I guess you were right! I switched on my Samurai mode lol.